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What is Divorce Accounting

We have over ten years of experience in consulting with families going through a divorce. Our credentials in fraud examination and business valuation are useful tools in divorce financial consulting. 

What We Do

In divorce accounting and collaborative divorce, we work closely with you and your attorney in finding out the best solution to your financial situation during and after your divorce. 

During your divorce process, we work closely with you and your attorney to find out where the money is and who has access to it. We also work to find records indicating revenues and expenses. We suggest requests-to-produce for your attorney to file on the other side. 

We work closely with you to figure out what your standard of living was during the marriage and what your goals are following the dissolution of your marriage.

Our goal is to help you answer any financial questions you have - before the settlement. You don't wake up the next day asking yourself, "What about that money we had in the Cayman Islands," for example.

Requests for Employee Compensation Records


3rd-Party Subpoena for Employment Records

 3rd Party subpoenas regarding compensation and benefits. In addition to stock or cash-incentive plans and non-compete payouts, remember to request EVA Plans and Secular Trusts, as well as 457(b) non-qualified plans known as Top-Hat Plans funded by a Rabbi Trust.

When preparing your subpoena for retirement benefits, remember there can be a dozen or more types of plans such as those offered by Eaton Corporation, PLC:  (1) Eaton Savings Trust; (2) Eaton Corporation Master Retirement Trust;  (3) Pension Plan for Eaton Corporation Employees; (4) Eaton Savings Plan; (5)  Eaton Personal Investment Plan; (6)  Eaton Corporation Savings Master Trust; (7)  Eaton Corporation Severance Plan; (8)  Eaton Corporation Medical Plan For Retired U.S. Employees; (9)  Eaton Corporation Severance Plan; (10) Eaton Corporation Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association Trust; (11) Eaton Corporation Opt-Out Plan; (12)  Eaton Corporation Voluntary Employment Resignation Incentive Plan.

Collaborative Divorce | financial neutral


What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce law has been practiced since the mid-1990's. It has been touted as a way

for clients to take control of their separation and divorce and resolve issues with dignity

and respect. It has been described as a client-focused process and its numerous benefits

for clients engaged in the Collaborative Law process include:

Lowered immediate and ongoing conflict:

  • Shared solutions
  • Protection of children
  • Increased confidence in the outcome
  • Minimized damage to relationships
  • Financial benefits
  • Respect and peaceful resolution of disputes which benefit the family and community
  • Enhanced control of the separation process
  • Maintained level of dignity, respect and privacy
  • Avoidance of court proceedings
  • Children’s needs are given priority
  • Solutions are tailored to the individual family: it is not one size fits all
  • More likely to have a better long-term relationship
  • Fairer settlement, incorporating where possible, each partner’s needs, interests and objectives
  • An alternative to litigation without the associated costs, delays and emotional hardship.

Geographic Service Area 2019 - 2020

CPA providing collaborative divorce and divorce accounting services.  

We travel to your home or office in Orlando, Windermere, Maitland, Winter Park, Longwood, Melbourne, Lake Mary, Lakeland, and all central Florida Counties including Orange County, Seminole County, Brevard County, Lake County, Osceola County, and Polk County. 

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